Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Wow!!!! I can't believe the year has gone by so fast. I want to say though it has been a blessed and sad year but all is AWESOME!!!!

At the beginning of the year the Hubbard family after a year away from church after having Jace and just alot of mixed feelings especially me and after careful thought and prayer last Christmas headed back to our church and ward and boy was it a great feeling and an Awesome decision. The next month was nothing special . March of course saw Ashtyn turning 3yrs old and I celebrated my 32nd b-day. It was also a great month cause I had en called in febuary to the relief society comitee and for the first time ever I felt like I was in a great calling and a great place. then April came and after meeting constantly with the Bishop every month Todd and I were blessed and worthy to recieve our limited Temple recommends and got the chance to go to the Gila Valley Temple with family and see such a beautiful sight. we also attended in the Stake the dedication and it was beautiful I was so moved and can feel all the greatness that was about to happen. May was pretty quiet and then June came and on the 24th we celebrated Jace's 1st birthday which was so much fun and special cause we got to share it with family and jointly with his cousin who turned 1 on the 28th and I swear those two could be twins but for now they are cute little partners in crime lol!! I t was also an Awesome time of month cause the next great worthy blessing came and that is Todd finally was worthy and got his Melchezedick Priesthood. i am so proud of him and all that he accomplishes and does for our family. Unfortunately on July 1st tragedy struck and became very sad yet spiritual when heavenly father took my half-sister Marci to be with him. I miss her lots and lover her much but and so happy she is in a beautiful place and can't wait till next year to do the work for her I would love to do. I know this Holiday season she will be very missed and is thought of but I am all smiles for who she is with. August arrives and with Todd having the priesthood we finally got to give Jace a name and a Blessing and it was so beautiful and I love the support and love of having our family there to witness it. It was also a great month in that we talked with our Bishop and set a date to interview four our Temple recommends and to set the date for our Sealing and endowments. September was pretty quiet and flew by quickly and then October came which was an Awesome month. Todd and I and our little Family were found worthy to get our Temple recommends and we celebrated Todd's 28th birthday all in the same day. then came a fun little Halloween which me and the kids dressed up this year. Here though we finally come to November a time not only to give thanks but the best Month of the year and my life, our lives. November 4th 2010 Todd and I celebrated our 5 yr Wedding Anniversary and on the same beautiful day got remarried in the Mesa Az Temple getting Sealed to eachother and our children to us which was the brightest moment ever and also getting our endowments that same day. The best word to have described such a day was AWESOME!!! Besides my baptism and confirmation and the birth of my children that was the best day of our lives especially mine and we were so blessed to have a Family who loves and supports us there to be with us in that special time and to have such good friends and members of our ward family there as well. 2 days later I auditioned for the 2011 Easter Pageant and i also bore such and Awesome testimony that Sunday!! We also got to spend Thanksgiving with our Family which is always such a fun time. i am so thankful and blessed to be apart of Todd's family cause you all are just Awesome people and we love all ya. So here we are in December, Christmas time and my favorite holiday and time of the year. The tree and inside decor are up and we have seen Temple Lights. I have also gone around looking at some beautiful houses that decorate every year and is a favorite tradition of ours and we hope to make it to zoo lights this year as well. The month has also been filled with fun Christmas parties and lots of Cheer.I will note that I did not make it into the Easter Pageant this year but am looking forward to trying again next year. I look forward to Christmas and the end of the year!!!

As a family we definitley look forward to more continual blessings for our family and another great year for 2011. who knows what is to come but I know that right now I am on a cloud of happy and Awesomeness and Awesome will continue to be my word of the year. We look forward to seeing everyone into the year.

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

Love The Hubbards!!!
Todd, Arien,Ashtyn, and Jace

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

RIP Marci Ann Clemons Wallin!!! Love You!!!

What a sad time this has been for me and my family. On thursday July 1st 2010 about 10am my older sister passed away from a massive heart attack at the age of 63. SHe had just had knee surgery 2 days before and even on that morning had been in great spirits ready to come home and to start enjoying life with new knees. That life with her joyous and sweet spirit have now been cut short. I miss her alot already and am very saddened by her passing, yet i am also very happy at such an awesom life she did have and what a great joy and spirit she had. She is with Heavenly father now and I know I will see her again and I look forward to it. I know she smiles down and watches over us every day. This has been extremely hard on my Father and all we can do is keep supporting him and being there for him and try to be together as a family. I will say at her Memorial yesterday I was very sad and crying but at one point all of a sudden I felt a complete peace and new the spirit was with me and in the room. I know all will be well and I will always have fond memories and stories to tell but I miss you Marci and I love you and I will go on and live life to the fullest.

Always Cherish Family and try to stay together as much as possible for you never know what the future holds and we all need to love one another cause our Families are Forever.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I want to wish on this beautiful Christmas Eve Day a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. I hope everyone enjoys today and tonight and that everyone is with their lovede ones and for those who are not with us and no longer with us that they know they are still missed and loved so very much. Today is such a special Christmas Eve cause today Jace turns 6 Months old. It has been a very fun and hard 6 months for little Jace. He is so handsome and cute and we are so very blessed to have him in our family. He is a constant ray of light and I love him to death. He has a Wonderful Big Sis who just loves her brother and is so helpful with him. We look forward to what 2010 brings for the Hubbards and for Jace watching him grow fast. I can't believe it has been 6 months since he was born it only seems like yesterday he was still a little baby. I love Christmas time and this will be his first and although he doesn't understand or know I look forward to tomorrow to see his smiles and giggles as we open presents as well as the look on Ashtyn's face to see her open gifts. She has been so excited this year being over 2 1/2 yrs of age, just to see Santa. She loves Santa and has seen him know at least 6 times. Jace is nto scared of him neither. She loves all that Christmas is and brings and loves the Nativity etc. I can't wait for tomorrow cause it will be a great family Christmas. Last night was special cause we had the missionaries over and it was a great time chatting with them and we watched Reflections of Christ on DVD. I love watching it and the Pics that were taken here in our state and look forward to seeing the sequel to it next time which they are going to bring by. If you haven't seen it yet it is a must and it fills you with thought,joy, and the spirit. WHat a Nice week and what a great evening yesterday. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL and may everyone have a beautiful eveing and day. We love our whole Families and Wish the best. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Jace's First Tooth

Wow!! After 2 months of teething, pain, drooling,etc. my little man finally broke his first tooth today. He broke his bottem left tooth and I am so excited now if only the others would start to come just as quick ( wishful thinking). This is such a wonderful time of the year with Christmas 14 Days away and all the holiday shows and movies the cheer and all the fun decorations. Of course I love hot chocolate and Baking at this time of year. I have all my Christmas cards ready to go out this weekend and I will finally have all my shopping done this weekend as well, although I tend to forget something for someone and come the 23rd or Christmas Eve I am out and about like a mad woman to get what I forgot. So with the Santa soon to be on his way and all the fun Christmas parties and crafts to do the next 14 days will be exciting. I hope Jace definitley gets his other front teeth in because we all know how the song goes..... All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth. I love family and I love especially this time of year and boy has the year flown by. Well time to count down for Santa Claus. Yes Santa I have Been a Really Good Girl!! Ashtyn Loves Santa and has seen him at least 5 times already this year. I have never seen someone who is not only not afraid of Santa but runs to go see him no matter where we go. Of course she makes it clear what she wants. She tells him right away she wants a bike, a helmet, a baby doll, and a fishing pole. She is too cute. I am also glad Jace is not afraid of Santa. He sits on his lap just fine. I will have to post a pic of them with santa. What a good time for all to be had. Happy Holidays!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Day And Christmas Pics!!!!!

I hope everyone had a Joyous and fun Thanksgiving. I baked all day Wednesday and cooked my Cranberry Sauce Thursday Morning. As a family we watched the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade cause that has been a tradition since I was a little girl. Afterwards we went over to Aunt Diane's house for a great Thanksgiving Dinner with tons of Yummy foods and some wonderful time with our family which we always love seeing and spending time with cause it makes for a very awesome and fun day. we later enjoyed Dessert. I made a Glazed Chocolate Pumpkin Cake which everyone who had it seemed to like and of course my famous Chocolate Cheese Fudge and yes it has cheese in it. Of course that was everyones favorite and I am always happy to share recipes for anyone who wants one or wants me to make some to try. That evening we had our white elephant exchange which is always fun if not funny.Of course we all looked and planned our Black Friday shopping games of attack. What a fun day Thanksgiving was I always enjoy this time of year.

Black Friday we were up at 5:00 a.m. to head out amongst all the shoppers to get in on some great deals. We got a brand new Christmas Tree which I will take Pics and Post later. Also got some great deals at some places we put on layaway for Christmas and some we bought that day. There were all kinds of Deals and it was so much fun to go shopping as a family with Mom!!! We had a nice lunch and a tired fun filled day once again and I hope all of our family got what they were looking for or found their own great deals but most of all had fun spending time together.

Today Saturday we went to see my Best Friend and my Kids godmother Bonnie who is a manager for JC Penny Portraits and we got the 2009 Family Christmas Pics. We will be sending out Christmas cards Next Weekend so I need adresses for those in the famiy I do not have.But for now besides the new Family portrait on this blog are some of the little ones since of course this is Jaces's 1st Christmas and he is now 5 months old and looking cute as ever. Of course we can never forget Princess Ashtyn who likes to take Pictures and is still talking about all her fun she had seeing Santa Claus Yesterday and her Day at Aunt Diane's which she loved. So we hope you enjoy and we will be posting santa Pic later with Tree pic and will be emailing copies of Santa pic as well. Hope everyone whom we did not see over the Holiday and the weekend had a great one!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hectic Veterans Day!!!

Well folks if any of you got to watch the News at all from yesterday morning on to last night you would have seen the major story of the day involving a FIRE on 78th st and Baseline. Well my family and all others were very Blessed and Thankful to have Heavenly Father watching us cause that is my next door neighbors house that went up in flames and almost could have taken out the neighbor to the North's House and our House as well. At 3:10 yesterday morning I was awoken by 2 loud pops and what sounded like someone was breaking into my vehicle or shed and was on my property. When I woke Todd and he looked out the front he saw a light in our yard when he opened the doorhe saw our neighbors home up in at least 20 ft high flames and yelled for me to call 911. After waiting 15 min to get through to 911 The police and fire showed up at around 3:30 but before they did there were plenty more loud explosions of propane and gas and even higher flames as the fire spread fast and over to our trees and the explosions blew out the other neighbors house as well as one gentleman was cut badly on both arms after jumping on the roof to keep that house from going too. Another neighbor hooked up a hose to our water to soak our trees and shed etc to help keep that frie froming coming intoour yard. Firemen got everything hooked up and started to put out the fire sending everyone back into their homes except us and the other neighbor we were told to evacuate as far away as we could so after all of that and already having some of our most precious Valuables and the kids in the car we had to unload our stroller and the kids and take off on foot down to baseline to avoid the smoke leaving our car nad home behind for the firemen to use our yard to fight the spreading fire. We of course woke Kelsey to come get us and in th emeantime other neighbors walked down to bring us water and offer diapers etc. We were told by police it would be daylight before we could come home. At 7:30 we arrived home. There was fire and smoke damage to our trees on their backsides our yard soaked in mud and our porchway as well. Our car and House wreaked of Smoke really bad and our whole area still does and probably will for a while. Our neighbor whose house was condemned for years lost everything including a camper parked up against our wall on her side and some of her valuables she had yet to put in storage. I was interviewed by channel 12 news and was recorded while talking to the other Neighbor and some nearby neighbors about the events as we heard and seen them for fox 10. This Fire is still under investigation as to what was the cause but again we were all blessed to be safe and watched over and that no one was killed and the injured neighbor is doing well minus the 60 stiches he has in his arms.Again a hectic and scary Veterans Day and one none of us will forget for a long time. I hope everyone had a nice Holiday and got to do something nice and fun. We are Thankful for our Family and for the nice Neighbors that came together and look forward to the upcoming Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week but most importantly Thank Heavenly Father for his Love and Watchful eye.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jace's First Month

I can't believe it has now been 5 weeks since Jace was Born. It only seems like yesterday when we wlcomed him into the world and our lives. He has truly been a wonderful blessing. He is so Loved. He has had a trying first 5 weeks though as we tried to get his weight back to birth weight, which that took 3 weeks with a combo of breastfeeding and supplementing formula all to find out that he is allergic to the proteins that are in Dairy so no more BF for me cause I just couldn't give up dairy. I mean if I did what would I eat not much LOL!! Anyway then after finding out no dairy or milk fo rhim right now the other problem he has is Acid Reflux and gas or tummy issues so he was put strictly on a formula called Alimentium which worked but he would always be hungry and it is so expensive so then we tried Soy which was ok but mad his reflux and gas worse so now we are on a formula called Nutramigen and he is on a Reflux med called Zantac which is made for babies. He has had some problems with the Zantac so when he goes to the Doc in a few weeks we will see what she wants to do for him. The Nutramigen has helped his gas quite a bit though he still has some bad nights or days and he has gained weight and he likes it so all in all he is now doing well and becoming much more happier and alert. I do know that Jace likes Baths but hates tummy time and if he had a choice he would be without clothes all the time to . He loves to be held and swaddled and enjoys his Pacifier. We just had this past week Pics done of him and they are cute. The funniest is a pose in which Todd was holding him in his hands naked and what did Jace do he peed on him. It was funny and it showed up in the picture.Ashtyn loves her little brother. She is a good big sis and loves to help when she can and gives hugs and kisses and says he's cute, however she still has some jealousy issues but I know she will soon outgrow that.We adore Jace although he keeps us up some nights when his tummy bothers him and he has colic so it takes along time to soothe him and get him to rest and go down and believe me he tires himself out but still won't wind down. The only solution I found to this is when he starts as soon as we take him outside in the fresh air he is as quiet and calm as a lark. It is just to funny but I guess he likes the outdoors cause it is soothing to him. Again this last 5 weeks have been a joy but also trying and frustrating in trying to keep him healthy and happy. We look forward to the months to come and I only hope he outgrows his tummy issues and that he can be a much happier baby. Jace We Love You!!!